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Why does the PET Film return to oil after being placed for a period of time?

Release Time:2023-05-08

Why the printed film become oily after stock a while?


First, we must find out the causes of the problem.


Cause 1: Accessory ingredient of the ink.


DTF white ink has an ingredient we call humectant. Its function is to prevent print head clogging. The main ingredient of humectants is glycerin. Glycerin is a transparent, odorless, thick liquid. It can absorb moisture from the air. Therefore, glycerin is a good moisturizer. Glycerol is miscible with water and ethanol, and its aqueous solution is neutral. At the same time, glycerin does not react with other components in DTF White ink, thus affecting the quality of the ink. Because of its physical properties, glycerin cannot be dried. If the drying process is insufficient, glycerin will appear on the DTF transfer film after a period of time. And it will look greasy.


Cause 2: Temperature is not enough.


During the powder curing period, please make sure the temperature and heating time.


Cause 3:The fabric that does not have permeability causes the phenomenon of surface ooze oil very easily.


Solutions :


1.To make sure the printed film is sealed storage as far as possible

2. Put the oily film directly back into the powder shaking machine and reheat it until it is dry enough.

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