UV DTF Printer
AGP self-developed uv dtf printer(crystal label printer), small footprint, easy to use and easy to operate, it is one of the first choice for DIY small shop business.
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Why Did A Startup Choose A-GOOD-PRINTER
We treat every printer in serious and pragmatic attitude: strictly control the purchase of parts, owns rigor quality detection system of production links.Letting every consumer trustworthy in buying and using is the responsibility and the duty of our products; to solve every customer's problem is the only objective of our after-sales service.
UV DTF Printer introduction
Crystal label is also called UV transfer sticker, cultural sticker, UV cold transfer sticker, its predecessor is called sense pressure sticker, it is printed on special release material required graphics, printed on the A film with glue through the UV printer, after printing and then cover the transfer film B film, and then use the film to bring up the pattern transfer attached to the product surface of a surface graphic production process.
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UV DTF Printer parameter
UV DTF printer can realize one piece of printing, no need to make a plate, that is, hit that out, that is, paste that tear, greatly eliminating a variety of tedious operating steps and processes, whether it is LOGO trademark or pattern, can be achieved, to meet the needs of many kinds of personalized small batch of custom customers.
Model UV-S604
Printhead Epson I3200-U1/Epson I1600-U1
Quantity 3 4
Printing Color W+CMYK+V G+W+CMYK+V
Printing Speed I3200-U1 6PASS 3-10m²/h 8PASS 2.5-8m²/h 12PASS2-6m²/h
11600-U1 4PASS 4m²/h 6PASS 3m²/h 8PASS 2m²/h
Printing Size 600mm
RIP Software Riin/Flexiprint/Cadlink/Maintop
Print Media UV AB Film
Laminator Integrated automatic laminator
Ink supply system White ink circulation and stirring
Ink curing Water cooler+UVLED lamp (to ensure long-term high-intensity operation)
Power Supply 110V/220V 50-60HZ




Work Environment Temperature:20°C-30°C humidity:35%-65%
Dimension 1800*870*1600mm
UV DTF Printer Features
White color varnish synchronous printing,Printing and laminating at same time,Can be transferred on any kind of materials,Efficient and stable, suitable for industrial batch printing
Up and down cap station
Up and down cap station
Enables convenient maintenance and cleaning of the printheads while ensuring a better seal performance.
Back Feed-In Svstem
Back Feed-In Svstem
Achieve smooth, accurate film feed by pulling the film from the back, reducing the risk of film jams and ensuring precise alignment.
Laminating Device
Laminating Device
Effectively adjust the tension of the material, so that the feeding process is smooth and the winding is neat.
Heater, Vacuum Switch Button
Heater, Vacuum Switch Button
Enable optimal printing conditions, ensuring secure material adhesion through temperature control and a vacuum seal.
Curing System
Curing System
LED-UV environment-friendly cold light source curing system, energy-saving, power-saving, and best curing effect.
High Precision Guide Rail
High Precision Guide Rail
Using upper silver guide rails, smooth and noiseless, ensuring efficiency and stable operation of the trolley.
3 Big Steps
Printing Step
UV DTF is a decorative process of printing patterns and trademarks on special PP release paper in layers of glue, white ink and varnish, then covering the transfer film, and then using the transfer film to bring up the pattern and attach it to the surface of the object. UV DTF is very simple to use, no need to use any equipment, that is, to use, to separate the pattern from the bottom film, and then transfer the film to the surface of the object, press hard once, tear off the surface film can be, tear the film to leave the word, simple and beautiful.
Print pattern
Print pattern
Stick to the right place
Stick to the right place
After pressing the patternremove the crystal sticker
After pressing the patternremove the crystal sticker
What Can We Do with UV DTF Printers
Creativity At Your Fingertips
UV DTF Printer can be applied to a wide range of industries, basically processing industries can be used, advertising industry; luggage industry; handicraft industry; toy industry; decorative painting industry; packaging box industry; tile mural; signage industry; DIY makeup packaging materials.
Technical Support
Technical Support
Through cooperation with world famous print head manufacturers and software suppliers, we integrate sophisticated and practical technology into our fabric printers.
Provide one-year warranty for the machine
Provide a detailed installation tutorial for the machine
Provide guidance documents for solving common problems of DTF printers
Provide online remote guidance
People's View Of The Product
What Are People Saying About The UV-S604?
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If I have some technical problem, how can you help us to solve it?
We will be responsible for after-sales service. You can send us detailed descriptions, photos, or videos, then our technician will give a professional solution accordingly.
Is there any warranty for this printer?
Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for the printers and with perfect after-sales service.
How do you deliver the printer to me?
1. If you have a freight forwarder in China, we can arrange to deliver the goods to your freight forwarder’s warehouse. 2. If you do not have a freight forwarder in China, we can find cost-effective freight forwarders and transportation methods for you to deliver the goods to your country.
What's your delivery time?
Usually 7-15 working days after receiving the payment based on the order volume.
Are you a manufacturer or trade agent?
We are the top manufacturer of digital printers in China with more than 20 years experience. We can provide digital printers and accessories.
What certificates do your printers have?
CE certificate for DTF printer, MSDS certificate for the ink, PET film, and powder.
How can I install and start to use the printer?
Normally we provide detailed installation tutorial videos and user manuals. And we also have professional technicians to support you when you have any questions.
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