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UV Printer 101 | Why does UV printing pull the line? How to solve it?
Nowadays, UV flatbed printers are widely used in many industries and are well received by users. However, wire pulling problems often occur in daily use. This article will describe in detail the causes and solutions for wire pulling to help you better maintain UV flatbed printers.
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AGP Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice
As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, we would like to sincerely thank you for your continuous support and trust to AGP UV/DTF printer manufacturer. Here we would like to send you and your family the most sincere holiday greetings!
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Sublimation VS UV Printing: Which is right for you?
Choosing the right printing technology is critical to your business. Sublimation and UV printing are two common printing methods, each with its own unique advantages and applications. This article will explore these two printing techniques to help you determine which is best for you.
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What do UV printers need to do to prepare before printing?
Did you know that UV printers in the printing industry have been hailed as a "magic printer"? UV printers in the printing industry have been touted as a "magic bullet", but before they can be printed on a large scale, they have to go through the process of pre-press testing and proofing. Why is this process so important? In short, UV printer pre-press proofing is the bridge between pre-press production and actual printing. It allows customers to foresee the final effect before printing, giving them the opportunity to make adjustments to avoid customer dissatisfaction after printing. This saves time and energy!
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Did you choose the right one? Guide to DTF Transfer Hot Melt Powders
The right hot melt powder is crucial for a successful DTF transfer. Hot melt powder improves the adhesion, durability, feel, and heat transfer effect of the pattern. Understanding the characteristics of hot melt powder and choosing the most suitable type can ensure your DTF transfer works well. This guide should help you understand and use hot melt powder better.
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Have you heard about the amazing UV temperature change film?
Have you ever heard of UV temperature change film? It's a pretty amazing material that's gaining a lot of attention in the fashion and tech world. This innovative technology allows products to look totally different at different temperatures by printing a layer of temperature-sensitive ink on the surface. It's opening up a whole new world of possibilities for packaging designers!
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