DTF Printer
DTF printer is the most widely used printing equipment for personalized custom clothing. It can be printed on a single piece or mass-produced.
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Why did a Startup Choose A-GOOD-PRINTER
DTF printer is the most widely used printing equipment for personalized custom clothing. It can be printed on a single piece or mass-produced. The most important thing is that DTF printer meets the national environmental protection standards, so as to avoid waste discharge characteristics. At present, many countries such as Europe have imported our DTF printer clothing printing equipment.
DTF Printer introduction
DTF Printer is a printing machine that can print patterns on PET Film. The printer can operate multiple devices by one person, and there is no need for a minimum order quantity to achieve a minimum order. The speed of proofing and bulk goods is fast, the cost is low, the color is bright, and the fastness can reach more than 3 levels of washing, which completely subverts the traditional tedious process of various printing. DTF Printer can easily achieve photo-level effects, as long as you provide clear high-definition picture files when doing heat transfer, you can achieve photo-level effects.
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DTF Printer Parameter
Our latest printing solution designed for exceptional performance and versatility. Equipped with Epson I3200-A1 or Epson I1600-A1 printheads, this series offers high-quality printing with options for 2, 3, or 4 printheads. Achieve fast printing speeds of 6PASS 6-10m²/h or 8PASS 4-7m²/h, and enjoy a wide range of vibrant colors with 4C+W or 4C+Fr+Fm+Fy+Fg+W options. The printer features advanced functions like auto-feeding and take-up system, independent heating, and an efficient ink system. With compatibility with popular RIP software and a compact design, the DTF-T652/653/654 is the ultimate printing solution for businesses seeking superior performance and efficiency. Upgrade your printing capabilities today and experience the future of printing technology.
Model DTF-T652 DTF-T653 DTF-T654
Printhead Epson I3200-A1/Epson I1600-A1
Quantity 2 3 4
Printing Color 4C+W 4C+Fr+Fm+Fy+Fg+W 4C+W
Printing Speed I3200-A1 6PASS 6-10m²/h   
8PASS 4-7m²/h
6PASS 6-10m²/h
8PASS 4-7m²/h
6PASS 8-20m²/h
8PASS 7-16m²/h
I1600-A1 6PASS 4-7m²/h
8PASS 3-5m²/h
6PASS 4-7m²/h
8PASS 3-5m²/h
6PASS 11m²/h
8PASS 9m²/h
Printing Size 600mm
RIP Software Riin/Flexiprint/Cadlink/Maintop
Media Transfer Auto-feeding and take-up system
Heating Method Front and back independent heating
Ink System Auto ink supply, white ink circulating and stirring
Power Supply 110V/220V 50-60HZ




Work Environment Temperature:20°C-30°C humidity:35%-65%
Dimension Printer 1795*726*1380mm 213kg
Powder Shaker 945*985*1054mm 127kg
DTF Printer Features
With its Epson printheads and multiple quantity options, you can achieve exceptional print quality with fast speeds. The ability to print in a wide range of colors ensures vibrant and eye-catching results. The advanced features, such as auto-feeding and take-up system, independent heating, and efficient ink system, enhance productivity and reduce downtime.
Anti-Collision System
Anti-Collision System
The trolley is equipped with an anti-collision device to protect the print head from damage in the event of an obstacle.
High Precision Guide Rail
High Precision Guide Rail
Using upper silver guide rails, smooth and noiseless, ensuring efficiency and stable operation of the trolley.
4C+Fr+Fm+Fy+Fg+W Cartridges
4C+Fr+Fm+Fy+Fg+W Cartridges
Support 6-color printing, fuller color, large-capacity ink cartridges, reduce frequent ink refilling, saving time.
Emergency Button
Emergency Button
The printing process can be stopped immediately if any problem occurs, ensuring operator safety and preventing potential equipment damage.
Paper Pressing Wheel
Paper Pressing Wheel
Integrated paper pressing wheel, paper feeding more smoothly
Paper Out Alert
Paper Out Alert
Automatically stop printing when there is no paper to avoid ink waste and platform pollution.
3 Big Steps
Printing Step
The working principle of DTF Printer is to print the pattern on the transfer film, shake the powder and dry it with a powder shaking machine, and then press it with a hot press to transfer the pattern on the film to various fabrics. A DTF Printer all-in-one machine plus hot stamping printing film, printing ink, hot melt adhesive powder, it only takes 5 minutes to hot stamp a piece of clothing!
Printing, dusting, shaking and drying powder
Printing, dusting, shaking and drying powder
Heat transfer
Heat transfer
Finished product
Finished product
What Can We Do with DTF Printers
Creativity At Your Fingertips
DTF printers can print on light and black fabrics, are not limited by fabrics and colors, especially suitable for DIY printing. Suitable for leather, bags, shoes, hats, garments, socks, masks, gloves, umbrellas, plush toys, knitted underwear, swimwear and other textile and textile crafts.
Technical Support
Technical Support
Through cooperation with world famous print head manufacturers and software suppliers, we integrate sophisticated and practical technology into our fabric printers.
Provide one-year warranty for the machine
Provide a detailed installation tutorial for the machine
Provide guidance documents for solving common problems of DTF printers
Provide online remote guidance
People's View Of The Product
What Are People Saying About The DTF PRINTER?
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Relevant DTF Printer
We provide one-stop service, including DTF printer, shaker machine, UV DTF printer, DTF ink, PET film, powder, etc.
Printhead:3*Epson I1600
Printing Color:CMYK+CMYK+W
Printing Speed:6PASS 12m²/h 8PASS 8m²/h
Printing Size:300mm
RIP Software:Riin/Flexiprint/Cadlink/Maintop
Ink supply:Auto ink supply, white ink circulating and stirring
Printhead:3*Epson I1600
Print Width:300mm
Print Colors:CMYK+CMYK+W
Printhead Quantity:3
Computer System:Windows
Max Printing Speed:6PASS 12m²/h 8PASS 8m²/h
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If I have some technical problem, how can you help us to solve it?
We will be responsible for after-sales service. You can send us detailed descriptions, photos, or videos, then our technician will give a professional solution accordingly.
Is there any warranty for this printer?
Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for the printers and with perfect after-sales service.
How do you deliver the printer to me?
1. If you have a freight forwarder in China, we can arrange to deliver the goods to your freight forwarder’s warehouse. 2. If you do not have a freight forwarder in China, we can find cost-effective freight forwarders and transportation methods for you to deliver the goods to your country.
What's your delivery time?
Usually 7-15 working days after receiving the payment based on the order volume.
Are you a manufacturer or trade agent?
We are the top manufacturer of digital printers in China with more than 20 years experience. We can provide digital printers and accessories.
What certificates do your printers have?
CE certificate for DTF printer, MSDS certificate for the ink, PET film, and powder.
How can I install and start to use the printer?
Normally we provide detailed installation tutorial videos and user manuals. And we also have professional technicians to support you when you have any questions.
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