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UV DTF Printer offers more options for label printing market

Release Time:2023-10-04

Based on an analysis of past market growth data, the printed label market will reach US$67.02 billion by 2026. The compound growth rate during the forecast period is 6.5%. Rising disposable income worldwide amid growing demand for finished goods has been the major factor for market growth. However, the rising cost of raw materials has also led to an increase in the overall price of label printing. In front of this big cake, a craft product called uv dtf has entered the market strongly, opening up a new direction for the printing label market.


What is a crystal sticker?


The crystal label is a product similar to labels, stickers, etc. It has patterns and adhesive backing. The most significant difference is that the crystal sticker peels off the film and leaves words. The surface has a strong three-dimensional sense and gloss, which is comparable to the hot stamping process and is crystal clear. It is as clear as crystal, so it is named crystal sticker by people in the industry. Professionally speaking, a crystal sticker is a product in which glue, white ink, patterns, varnish, etc. are printed layer by layer on release paper to form a pattern, and then covered with transfer film, and the pattern is transferred to the surface of the object using the transfer film. Crystal stickers have a wide range of applications. The transferable materials include acrylic boards, PVC boards, KT boards, steel plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, glass marble, various packaging boxes and other advertising materials. The process of pasting and transferring crystal stickers is also very convenient and fast. , it can be easily completed by sticking it and tearing it off, and the film can be peeled off to leave words. There is no film paper on the surface. It presents a beautiful 3D three-dimensional effect under the light, and the whole is transparent and shiny. It can be pasted on ordinary smooth and flat surfaces. The crystal logo has bright patterns, rich colors, good adhesion, strong three-dimensional effect, strong scratch resistance, no residual glue, and no glue overflow. The longer the sticking time, the better the effect. The dryer, the stronger the adhesion, which can fully meet the packaging requirements of some complex product appearance, such as using UV printers to print irregular surfaces with poor printing efficiency, such as cylindrical curved products.




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