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How many kinds of PET film do you know?

Release Time:2023-09-05

Recently there are more and more special PET film rolling out to the market,such as Glitter Gold Film,Glitter silver Film,,Reflective PET film,Luminous film...


Today we will test one by one and show you the video as below:



You can print all above special DTF Film directly with your existing DTF printer and DTF ink, without changing any consumable or DTF printer setting. This Glitter Gold DTF Film works on T-shirts, bags, shoes, socks and other materials, providing you with intense sparkle and shine to your prints. The new product has the advantages of a glitter Gold effect, high ink absorption, no ink-bleeding, easy peel, and washable.

If you have any interest in our film, kindly contact our AGP&TEXTEK team, my Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 17740405829


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