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AGP actively participates in various domestic and international exhibitions of various scales to showcase the latest printing technology, expand markets and help expand the global market.
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Release Time:2023-05-24


At the FESPA Munich exhibition, the AGP booth was filled with energy and excitement! The eye-catching black and red logo of the AGP small-size A3 DTF printer and A3 UV DTF printer attracted numerous visitors. The exhibition showcased a range of AGP products, including the A3 DTF Printer, A3 UV DTF Printer, and their white and exquisite designs won the admiration and recognition of many attendees.




Throughout the exhibition, visitors from various segments of the printer industry flocked to Munich, creating a vibrant atmosphere. AGP is thrilled to be part of the exhibition for the next two days and is committed to providing exceptional service to all its friends and clients.


One of our standout products is the 60cm DTF printer, which features an Epson original print head and a Hoson board. The printer can currently support 2/3/4 head configurations, offering high printing accuracy and washable patterns on clothes. Additionally, our independently developed powder shaker enables automatic powder recovery, reducing labor costs, facilitating ease of use, and improving work efficiency.


Another remarkable product we offer is the 30cm DTF printing machine, known for its stylish and minimalist appearance and a stable, robust frame. Equipped with two Epson XP600 nozzles, this printer delivers both color and white output. Users also have the option to include two fluorescent inks, resulting in vibrant colors and high precision. The printer guarantees exceptional printing quality, boasts powerful functions, and occupies minimal space. It offers a comprehensive printing, powder shaking, and pressing solution, ensuring cost-effectiveness and high returns.




Furthermore, our A3 UV DTF Printer is equipped with two EPSON F1080 print heads, providing a printing speed of 8PASS 1㎡/hour. With a printing width of 30cm (12 inches) and support for CMYK+W+V, this printer is ideal for small businesses. It utilizes Taiwan HIWIN silver guide rails, ensuring stability and reliability. The A3 UV DTF Printer is capable of printing on various items such as cups, pens, U disks, mobile phone cases, toys, buttons, and bottle caps, making it highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.





At AGP, we take pride in our own factories and well-established production lines. We are actively seeking agents worldwide who are interested in joining our team. If you are interested in becoming an agent for AGP, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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