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Epson launched new printhead I1600-A1 --Suitable for DTF printer market

Release Time:2023-08-23

Recently, Epson officially launched a new print head-I1600-A1, it is a cost-effective 1.33inch-wide MEMs head series providing high productivity and high image quality with 600dpi(2 row) high-density resolution. This print head is suitable for water-based inks .Once this print head was born, it played a vital role in the existing DTF printer field.


As we all know, F1080 print head and i3200-A1 print head are the print heads used by mainstream DTF printers on the market. But they each have their pros and cons. As an entry-level print head, the F1080 head is cheap, but its service life is not long, and its accuracy is relatively low, so it is only suitable for small-format printing, usually used for printers with a printing width of 30cm or less. As a higher-level print head, I3200-A1 has high printing accuracy, relatively long life, and fast printing speed, but the price is high, and it is usually suitable for printers with a width of 60cm and above. The price of I1600-A1 is between I3200-A1 and F1080, and the physical printing accuracy and lifespan are the same as I3200-A1, which undoubtedly adds a lot of vitality to this market.


Let's take a preliminary look at this print head, shall we?


1. PrecisionCore Technology

a. MEMS manufacturing and thin film piezo technology enable high precision and a high nozzle density, creating compact, high-speed, high-quality print heads with excellent image quality.

b. Epsonʼs unique precision MEMS nozzles and ink flow path, ensure that perfectly round ink droplets are placed accurately and consistently


2. Support for greyscale

Epsonʼs unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) delivers smooth graduations by ejecting

droplets of different volumes.


3. High resolution

Ink ejection of up to 4 colours realizes with high resolution (600 dpi/colour). In addition to the I3200, I1600 has also been added to the lineup to meet various customers' needs.


4. High durability

PrecisionCore print heads have proven durability and extended service life


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AGP took this opportunity to also develop a series of new configurations. In the next issue, we will analyze in detail the configuration, capacity and advantages of I1600 and I3200 on AGP and TEXTEK series machines. For example, our 60cm four heads i1600-A1 printers with similar price of two heads i3200-A1,but the speed improved 80%,which is amazing for your productivity! If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.

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