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Why do water spots appear after dtf transfer?

Release Time:2024-03-28

Why do water spots appear after dtf transfer?







Incorrect humidity levels create a wet film on the printing surface, hindering proper image transfer.



2.Curing Problems:


Curing problems also contribute to incomplete transfer. Inadequate temperature settings or insufficient press duration can cause incomplete curing, resulting in a transfer that is not fully bonded to the film.





To solve this issue, it is recommended to utilize a humidifier placed near the printer to regulate humidity levels within the ideal range of 40% to 60%. Adjustments may be necessary based on regional climate variations to ensure consistent print quality.


1.Curing Techniques:


To ensure optimal results, it is important to adjust the heat press settings correctly.The recommended temperature range for the specific materials used is between 140°C to 160°C (284°F to 320°F). The press duration should be between 20 to 40 seconds, with adjustments made to accommodate differing climates and film types.


2.Correct Curing Techniques:


It is important to avoid hastened heat pressing, as rushing the process can compromise the quality of the print transfer. Allow enough time for curing to ensure proper bonding between the ink and the dtf film. Implementing these solutions will help ensure consistent and high-quality print transfers by effectively addressing both humidity and curing issues.




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