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Are there any key points in operating a DTF printer?

Release Time:2024-04-09


DTF printer is the preferred technology in the clothing printing industry. It is favored by entrepreneurs because of its advantages such as single-piece printing, bright colors and the ability to print any pattern. However, succeeding in this field is not simple. If you want to use dtf heat transfer clothing printing, the operator needs to have certain technical knowledge and skills. If you're looking to succeed in the clothing printing industry using DTF printing technology, we've got you covered.Here are 8 important points to keep in mind, as detailed by AGP digital printer manufacturer:


1. Environmental protection: First, make sure to keep the printer in a clean, dust-free environment and maintain moderate indoor temperature and humidity to protect the environment.

2. Grounding operation: Second, when installing the equipment, make sure to ground the wire to prevent static electricity from damaging the printhead.

3. Ink selection: Don't forget to carefully select the ink! To prevent printhead blockage, we recommend using DTF special ink with a particle size below 0.2 microns.

4. Equipment maintenance: When maintaining the equipment, please be careful not to place any debris or liquids on the printer frame.

5. Ink replacement: It is also important to promptly replace the ink to prevent air from being sucked into the ink tube.

6. Mixing of inks: Lastly, we advise against mixing two different brands of ink to avoid chemical reactions that may cause printhead clogging.

7. Printhead protection: Please make sure to follow proper shutdown procedures. At the end of each workday, make sure to return the printhead to its original position. This will prevent long-term exposure to air, which can cause the ink to dry out.

8.Shutdown operation:When maintaining the equipment, be sure to turn off the power supply and network cable after turning off the equipment. This will prevent damage to the printing port and PC motherboard.

By mastering these key points, you'll be able to operate the DTF printer proficiently. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!




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