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7 Tips for Choosing a UV Printer

Release Time:2024-06-21
7 Tips for Choosing a UV Printer

How to choose a suitable UV printer? This is a headache for many printing companies. Choosing a suitable UV printer can be said to be the key to a company's business. There are many types of UV printers on the market, with different functions and prices. So how to choose a printer with high quality, good printing effect, and stable performance? In order to help you make the right choice, AGP will analyze in detail how to choose the most suitable UV printer for you in 7 aspects of this article.

1. Industry demand

When choosing a UV printer, you first need to understand the specific needs of your industry:

Advertising industry: The advertising industry usually needs to print various materials, such as PVC boards, acrylic boards, metal boards, etc. It is recommended to choose a large-format UV2513 flatbed printer because it has a large format and the printing size is basically the same as the standard board, which can improve production efficiency.

Packaging industry: If it is mainly printing cartons, bags, glass, photo frames, etc., it is recommended to choose the UV-S604 model printer. This machine is designed for the packaging industry and can complete color, white, and varnish printing at one time. There is no need to make a plate. It can be printed, pasted, and torn, which greatly saves various cumbersome operating steps and processes.

Personalized small items: For small products such as mobile phone cases, U disks, key chains, etc., the UV-S30 or UV3040 model printers have high precision and are very suitable for fine printing. Whether it is a LOGO trademark or a pattern, it can be achieved to meet the needs of various personalized small-batch customized customers.

2. UV Printer quality and stability

The quality and stability of the UV printer are factors you need to pay attention to when choosing. Before purchasing, it is recommended that you ask the UV manufacturer to demonstrate on-site or print some samples for your reference. This not only allows you to understand how the printer works and what effects can be achieved on your products but also allows you to test its stability and print quality.

In addition, you also need to check the manufacturing process and materials of the machine to ensure that it is durable. A high-quality UV printer should have good anti-interference ability and stable operating performance and can maintain good printing effects even in high or low-temperature environments and during long-term high-intensity work.

3. The service life of the UV printer

The service life of a UV printer depends on its control system and overall structure. Before purchasing, compare different models to understand their service life. Machines with durable components and sturdy structures usually have a longer service life, which is essential for continuous production.

Understanding the life of the nozzle is also key. Choosing nozzles with long life and low maintenance costs can effectively reduce long-term use costs. At the same time, make sure that the selected printer supports nozzle replacement and maintenance to avoid nozzle problems affecting production progress.

4. After-sales support

Any complex equipment will have technical problems, and UV printers are no exception. Therefore, it is very important to buy from manufacturers or authorized dealers who provide comprehensive after-sales support. Make sure they have a complete service process and can quickly handle operational problems.

High-quality after-sales service includes regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical support. Choose those with professional technical teams and quick response mechanisms to ensure that you can get timely and effective help when you encounter problems.

5. Operating costs

In addition to the initial price, the total cost of ownership needs to be considered, such as the maintenance of the machine in the later stage, the consumption of consumables, etc.

Choosing a UV printer with reliable nozzles and high-quality inks can reduce maintenance costs.

Choose an affordable and high-quality consumable supply channel to ensure stable supply and avoid production interruptions. At the same time, you can also choose energy-saving equipment to reduce long-term operating costs.

6. On-site inspection of manufacturers

Before purchasing, you can visit the manufacturer's factory to understand their production capacity, technical level, and service capabilities. Observe the factory scale, production environment, and equipment conditions, and learn about manufacturing processes and quality control. Talk to technicians about their understanding of the product and problem-solving skills.

7. Contract terms

At the time of final purchase, ensure that the contract covers all aspects of after-sales service, including maintenance, warranty, and replacement parts. Clear and detailed contracts help avoid misunderstandings and ensure you have the support you need to protect your rights when you need it.

Case sharing

In order to better help you understand the points of choosing a UV printer, let's take a look at a few practical cases:

New York Imperial Blue Advertising Company: whose main business is making large billboards, chose the 2513 flatbed printer. The printer not only met their printing size requirements but also increased production efficiency by adding sprinkler heads. The rapid response of the after-sales service team helps them to quickly resume production in case of equipment problems, ensuring business continuity.

Decho Advertising New Zealand: The division mainly prints cardboard boxes, leather bags, glass, and picture frames, and selected the UV-S604 model UV printer. The one-molding printing function of the printer greatly improves production efficiency and reduces the error rate of manual operation. Through regular maintenance and professional technical support, the stability of the equipment has been guaranteed, and the product quality has also been highly praised by customers.

Macy Personalized Products Tanzania: The company mainly produces mobile phone cases, U disks, key rings, and other small products, chose the UV3040 model of large printing machine. The printer's high precision and small format printing capability helped them meet customer requirements in detail. Although the initial investment is large, through efficient production and quality after-sales service, the company quickly recovered the cost and won market recognition.

Through these real cases, we can see that choosing the right UV printer can improve production efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, before making a decision, please be sure to consider many factors and select the UV printer that best suits your business needs.


Choosing the right UV printer for your business takes into account four main aspects: industry needs, printer quality and stability, service life, and manufacturer's after-sales support. Put these factors together and you can improve your business operations and maximize your return on investment.

Hopefully, this article will help you make the best choice to ensure your business runs smoothly. If you have any questions or need more advice, please feel free to contact our professional UV printer manufacturer at AGP and we will provide you with detailed guidance and support.
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