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How do you pick the crystal label AB film?

Release Time:2024-03-19

Crystal label AB film is a necessary consumable for crystal label printers and a crucial component in creating crystal labels. The production process involves using UV oil-based ink to print patterns onto the A film. Then, cover it with the B film. Utilizing crystal labels is simple: remove the A film, adhere the pattern to the item, and peel off the B film.

Selecting the right crystal label AB film is crucial due to the increasing demand for crystal label printers and their consumables. This guide will aid in the selection process.


Crystal label AB film comprises two components: A film and B film.

1.The A film consists of two layers: a PET printing film as the base layer and a glue layer with ink-absorbing properties. The printer prints patterns onto the ink-absorbing layer in a sequence of white ink, color ink, and varnish.

2.The printer automatically applies a single-layer film, called B Film, onto the patterned A film to protect the pattern and make it easy to apply.

3.To use crystal labels, remove the A film to expose the pattern adhered to the glue layer, then affix the pattern onto the desired item and peel off the B film, which also aids in transferring the pattern.


When choosing Crystal Label AB Film, consider the size.

4.When choosing Crystal Label AB Film, consider the size. Ensure to consider the quality of the film as well. AB films typically come in lengths of 100 meters and widths of 30cm or 60cm. Choose the width that corresponds to your printer's printing width.

5.Additionally, consider transparency. AB films are usually transparent, but white A films are also available for better differentiation, especially for beginners.


Finally, B films come in various colors like gold or silver to meet specific printing needs. Choose high-quality AB film to ensure that the final crystal labels meet quality standards.

When choosing the right Crystal Label AB film, please consider size compatibility, clarity preference, and any special color requirements for best results. It is recommended that you select AGP UV AB Film, which offers good quality and a variety of choices, including gold film, silver film and other specialty solutions.




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