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Why we prefer F1080 printhead intead of i3200 for 30cm printers

Release Time:2023-06-25

There are many customers asked i3200 printhead for UV-F30 printer or DTF-A30 printer,we know that i3200 printhead with many advantages,like high resolution and fast speed. But for smaller size printer,we still prefer F1080 printhead. We can discuss from below points:

1. Speed. Although the speed of the I3200 is much faster, but the X direction route of the printer is only 30cm, which is too short and cannot maximizing the performance of the print head.Just like you cannot driving fast at crowded street even your car is Ferrari.

2. Price. As you know F1080 printhead cost about 350USD and i3200 printhead cost is about 1000USD (A1 and U1 with a bit difference), then two heads cost more than 2000USD which will cause the printer quotation higher than normal one. And dealers cannot add much profit, since end-users cannot afford expensive price for such small size printer.

3. Color configuration. As you know i3200 printhead one head support 4 colors, and F1080 printhead one head support 6 colors.So our 30cm DTF can be confirguration CMYKLcLm+ white, or CMYK+ fluorescent green+fluoresent orange+ white, which can bring you vivid printing effect. But i3200 head only CMYK+ white.

4. Maintaince cost. As we know all printers need to do daily maintaince. F1080 printhead lifespan is 6 months, but if maintaince well, can use one year. And i3200 printhead lifespan about 1-2 years, but once operate improperly,you may need to change new one. In the other hand, the related electrical board also expensive than F1080 head.


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Now you can see why we prefer F1080 printhead intead of i3200 for 30cm printer. Of course, for bigger size AGP printer like DTF-A604 printer and UV-F604 we still choose i3200 printhead.

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