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What is the difference between UV DTF printer and Textile DTF printer?

Release Time:2023-06-29

What is the difference between UV DTF printer and Textile DTF printer? Some friends will think that there are certain similarities between UV DTF printer and Textile DTF printer, but the operation process is quite different. Moreover, there are certain differences between the printed products between UV DTF printer and Textile DTF printer. Now we can discuss from 4 points as below:


1. Different consumables.

UV DTF printer uses UV ink, while Textile DTF printer uses water-based pigment ink. There are also differences in the choice of film. The AB film used for UV DTF printer is usually separated. The A film has two layers (the bottom layer has glue, and the upper layer is a protective film), and the B film is a transfer film. The film used in the Textile DTF printer has a layer of ink-absorbing coating on it.


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2. Different printing technology.

A. The printing mode is different. UV DTF printer adopts the process of white, color and varnish at the same time, while Textile printer adopts the process of first color and then white.

B. The printing process also varies widely. The UV DTF printer use AB film printing solution,and the ink will dry instantly while printing . However, Textile printer needs powdering,shaking and curing process. And finally it need to heat press on the fabric.

C. The printing effect is also different. UV printers are generally in the color white varnish mode, with obvious embossed effects . Textile DTF printer is a flat effect.


3. Different related equipments.

UV DTF printer and laminating machine developed by AGP are integrated into one, which saves cost and space, and can be directly cut and transferred after the finish printing. Textile DTF printer needs to match with powder shaker machine and heat press machine.


4.Different applications.

UV DTF printers are mainly transferred to leather, wood, acrylic, plastic, metal and other materials. It is a supplement to the application of UV flatbed printers and is mainly used in the label and packaging industries. Textile DTF printer mainly transfers on the fabrics (there is no requirement for the cloth), and is mainly used in the clothing industry.


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