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What are the ink requirements for digital printing?

Release Time:2023-09-27

DTF printers use DTF color ink, which has bright colors, high color fastness, and good white ink hiding power. This is also the ink of choice for many printing manufacturers. How many kinds of ink are there for white ink heat transfer? The ink for white ink heat transfer printing is divided into 9 varieties, namely: black, blue, red, blue, light red, light blue, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow and white. We can customize different color patterns for customers for free. Ink solutions, printer inks must be chosen correctly to make better products.



Why should we choose the white and color heat transfer solution? Let’s discuss it with AGP:

1. The white ink heat transfer and environmentally friendly paint heat transfer solution is a revolutionary clothing heat transfer application process.

2. It solves the problem of being picky about fabrics in the direct-injection printing process. The new heat transfer process is not limited to material transfer.

3. Don’t worry about color difference and fastness. What you see is what you get. Use special ink to make the pattern appear exactly right and fit perfectly.

4. There is no need for engraving, waste removal and lamination, which effectively improves production efficiency. There is no limit to the pattern, and the natural hollowing out makes it lighter, thinner and more breathable.

5. Environmentally friendly printing and dyeing with reactive dyes. Environmentally friendly printing and dyeing can make the dye molecules not fade after being washed for a long time, and the color registration is stronger.

6. The printing is ultra-thin to the touch, realistic and does not fade, double-sided matte film, high-grade, soft to the touch, scratch-resistant and washable.

7. The cycle is short and the delivery time is fast, breaking through the limitations of traditional color registration and plate making. Digital output does not require plate making, and the minimum order is one piece.

8. It is cost-effective and does not require high investment in equipment and space, greatly reducing investment costs.



However, when users choose white ink heat transfer printing machines and heat transfer inks, they must pay attention to choosing high-quality original inks. We know that in order to achieve the effect of printing patterns, the inks we need to purchase must meet the requirements of good weather resistance, water resistance, light resistance, acid and alkali resistance and color fastness. The quality of the ink must be smooth and non-clogging to be called high-quality ink.





Different printing nozzles must be equipped with appropriate ink, otherwise the structure may be damaged, the printed image effect will be affected, and the nozzle may be damaged. Inevitably, problems such as uneven ink concentration of various colors, color difference in sprayed images, and easy clogging of white ink heat transfer printing machines will occur. Although the current piezoelectric nozzles have very good compatibility with inks, different types of inks also have certain requirements for different inkjet printing media. Ink is one of the most important consumables for white ink heat transfer printing machines. It is recommended that you choose our AGP high-quality ink manufacturer to reduce more troubles and problems in your printing process.

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