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Next-Level Printing---AGP DTF Powderless Transfer Solution!!!

Release Time:2024-04-23


Sublimation digital printing technology has always played a key role in the field of polyester fabric digital printing, providing a convenient and fast short process digital printing program for various industries. However, digital printing technology for cotton fabrics and blended fabrics has been a major problem in the industry. In 2020, the "Direct Film Transfer" program, the first of its kind in China, came into being, bringing a brand new solution for digital printing on various fabrics and injecting new vitality into the development of the industry. China's original digital printing technology is spreading globally, bringing a new revolution of short-process, waterless digital printing to various industries.

While each solution has its advantages and disadvantages, consumers are increasingly demanding performance in an increasingly diverse market. While Sublimation solves the problem of stamping on polyester fabrics, the DTF shake powder transfer solution focuses on cotton and multi-media transfer, whereas consumers are increasingly demanding more performance in an increasingly diverse marketplace. However, there are still some challenges with the "Shake Powder Film Transfer" process, such as the performance of fine pattern transfers, hand feel and breathability, which may not be satisfactory, as well as poor yields.

To overcome these challenges, AGP Digital has led a revolutionary technology - DTF Powderless Transfer Solution. This solution is not only suitable for textile, leather and other rolled materials, but also covers a wide range of fields such as apparel, industrial products and outdoor products. Compared with other traditional solutions, DTF Powderless Transfer Solution completely solves a series of problems of "shaking powder film transfer", and becomes an innovative solution in the field of digital printing, which brings a brand new development opportunity for the industry.

The advantage of DTF Powderless Transfer Solution is the simplified printing process, which requires only three steps: printing, drying and transferring.


1. Film Printing: Once the design is complete, print it onto a transparent film using a dtf printer. This film will later be used as a transfer medium.

2. Drying: Put the printed film into the oven to dry, you can use our oven, it makes the image quality and firmness transferred to the fabric better.

3. Film Transfer: With the printed film in hand, carefully position it on the printable surface. Apply heat and pressure using a heat press to allow the ink to transfer from the film to the surface.


Compared with the traditional thermal sublimation printing, this solution uses plastic film to replace the traditional dtf film, completely abandoning the cumbersome "shaking powder" link, greatly reducing the chances of defective products, while also solving a series of problems that exist in other shaking powder solutions.


The following is a comparison between this solution and the DTF shake powder transfer solution based on available information and industry perception. While these perspectives may not be comprehensive or scientific, it is hoped that they will provide some reference and promote more discussion and thought.


Compared with DTF shake powder transfer solution
Comparison Program DTF shake powder transfer solution DTF Powderless Transfer Solution
Scheme Configuration Printer, faint powder, dryer Printer, dryer
Color Performance Sometimes white can not be very good All colors can perform well
Picture Clarity Due to the reliability of the mechanical device and the quality of glue powder, fine patterns cannot be painted The impact of the quality of non -trembling powder and glue powder is suitable for fine pattern performance
Washing Fastness Level 4-5 Level 4-5
60 ℃ soap washing fastness (plus steel beads) level 4 level 4
60 ° C nylon brush washing fastness (50 times) Goodness Goodness
Dry frictionality Level 3-4 Level 4 or more
Wet frictionality Level 3 Level 4 or more
elasticity Basically no elasticity Good elasticity
Breathable No breathability Good breathability, comfortable to wear
Feel Hard plate feel, foreign body sensation, thick thickness Light and dirty, suitable for flexible fabrics, comfortable and comfortable
Hot -painting membrane thickness The thickness is very large, it is not suitable for the light of the light medium, and the foreign body sensation No thickness, closely fit the surface of the medium without touch
Overall costs Material cost+maintenance cost cost of material
Human configuration 2 people maintain one 1 person to maintain 3 units
printing speed 10-30 square meters/h 10-30 square meters/h

In the comparative analysis, AGP DTF Powderless Transfer Solution shows the advantages in many aspects, highlighting its environmental protection, multi-functional and easy-to-operate features, which greatly meets the market demand. We look forward to this program for textiles, leather and other media digital printing to bring new development opportunities!




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