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Release Time:2023-08-29

K-PRINT is one of the largest and most influential international exhibitions in Korea, with an exhibition scale of 25,000 square meters and more than 400 exhibitors. It is an exhibition with great development prospects selected by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Resources of Korea. , is also a printing feast created by the official comprehensively integrating multiple resources.



On August 26, the four-day 2023 Seoul Packaging and Printing Exhibition (K-Print) in Korea ended successfully at Hall 7, 8 of KINTEX Exhibition Center II.

With the continuous change and expansion of the printing field, the new market is full of challenges. The brand-new digital printing technology has broken the inherent model of the traditional printing industry, and the business scope is no longer limited to several traditional businesses such as printing, copying, and photography. More high-end technology , more novel design, more high-quality products attract consumers to find out.





AGP exhibited a variety of digital inkjet printing equipment and its market application cases to the public. Senior business personnel and professional technicians will discuss with you face to face to help you understand the latest technology, discuss market trends and enhance competitiveness.




Many visitors gathered around the AGP booth, earnestly learned about product details, actively communicated with us, and discussed cooperation intentions.



Although the booth is small, the latest achievements in AGP's innovative and advantageous fields are displayed in an all-round way on the spot, which is highly sought after and favored by Chinese and foreign merchants and visitors.


The social environment is increasingly concerned about health and environmental protection. AGP keeps up with the trend of the times and actively participates in low-carbon actions, allowing consumers to enjoy the printing process in a more environmentally friendly way. The application of green and pollution-free products is also eye-catching.


All exhibited machines on site were sold out.

Thanks to all the customers who choose AGP,

 let us create mutual win-win and 

create more excitement in the future!



This exhibition is a presentation of cutting-edge technologies and services, and it is also an index of the future development of the advertising printing industry. 

In the future, we will integrate our own advantages, take the opportunity of participating in multiple international exhibitions, actively introduce advanced technologies at home and abroad, continue to develop new products that meet the needs of the international market and have high cost performance, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the industry!














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