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How to identify the quality of your PET Film? Here are some good tips for you

Release Time:2024-01-29

A Comprehensive Guide to Identifying and Selecting Quality PET Film


In the dynamic world of Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing, the quality of your PET film serves as a linchpin in the pursuit of exceptional results. To empower your printing journey, it's vital to delve into the nuances of identifying and selecting top-notch PET film. Here's an extensive guide brimming with valuable insights to navigate this critical aspect of DTF printing:


Tip 1: Vibrant Color Saturation Achieving stunning colors starts with top-notch ink and a professional ICC profile. Opt for a DTF film boasting a superior ink-absorb coating layer for optimal compatibility between ink and film.


Tip 2: Precision in Printing Address issues like holes, especially in black-colored prints. Choose a high-quality DTF film to enhance the precision of your prints and mitigate potential problems.



(holes under black color)


Tip 3: Ink-Loading Capacity Combat issues like color shifts and ink bleeding by selecting a DTF film with excellent ink-loading capacity. This ensures consistent and vibrant prints without undesirable effects.



(poor ink-absorb coating)



Tip 4: Effective Powder Shaking Opt for a PET film featuring an effective anti-static coating to prevent white powder edges, ensuring a flawless and clear final film transfer.



(powder-edge problem)


Tip 5: Release Effect Explore different release options, such as hot peel, cold peel, and warm peel films. The coating used can influence the release effect, typically featuring a waxed coating for varied results.




Tip 6: Superior Water Fastness Prioritize durability, especially concerning washing fastness. Ensure your PET film meets high standards with a water fastness rating of 3.5~4 Level for long-lasting and vibrant prints.


Tip 7: Comfortable Hand-Touch & Scratch Resistance Consider factors like a soft hand-touch and scratch resistance. A comfortable touch not only ensures pleasant wearing but also adds to the overall quality of your prints.


At AGP&TEXTEK, we're dedicated to excellence in DTF printing. Our daily showroom tests ensure high-quality DTF films and innovative solutions. Subscribe to AGoodPrinter.com for the latest updates and advancements – your success in DTF printing is our priority.


By immersing yourself in these comprehensive tips, you not only identify but also harness PET films that amplify the prowess of your DTF printer. Stay tuned for an ongoing exploration of the dynamic world of DTF printing, uncovering ways to enhance your overall printing experience.



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