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Have you heard about the amazing UV temperature change film?

Release Time:2024-05-08


Have you ever heard of UV temperature change film? It's a pretty amazing material that's gaining a lot of attention in the fashion and tech world. This innovative technology allows products to look totally different at different temperatures by printing a layer of temperature-sensitive ink on the surface. It's opening up a whole new world of possibilities for packaging designers!


(The picture below shows that after our cup is covered with UV temperature-changing film, when ice water is added, it will turn into a cool blue~)

So, what makes this material so special? Well, it's all about the temperature change process. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the ink appears transparent and colorless. And after cooling back to a certain temperature, it will return to its original opaque color. How does this amazing change happen? It's all thanks to microcapsules made of temperature-sensitive pigments. These are super sensitive to changes in temperature, which means the color changes too! Thanks to microcapsule technology, the UV temperature change film is not only super stable and durable, but it also maintains the reversibility of the color change process, with thousands of cycles.



There are so many great things about this UV temperature change film! Not only does it look amazing, but it also has a whole host of fantastic qualities:


1. Firm bonding: Precisely connected to the material, not easily degummed.
2. Strong weather resistance: UV resistance, long exposure to the sun will not lead to brittle cracks and discoloration disorder.
3. Resistant to washing and rubbing: normal machine hand washing will not destroy the discolored material.
4. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: all materials are harmless to human body, safe and reliable.
5. Excellent elasticity: suitable for sportswear with high elasticity requirements.
6. Easy to cut and carve: delicate and clear edges after printing and stamping, good aesthetics.



Lead the fashion trend, show your personality


The introduction of UV temperature change film brings unprecedented creativity and possibilities for packaging design. Imagine, in the hot summer, it can be a calm black, but when walking into the sunshine, it turns into a bright color, seamlessly switching between multiple styles, giving people a unique experience. Whether it's a mug, phone case or fashion accessory, UV temperature change film can add a unique visual effect to the product.




The introduction of UV temperature change film not only injects new vitality into the packaging industry, but also gives people a new expectation for fashion innovation. Its unique appearance changes and excellent performance, will become an important part of the future fashion design, leading the fashion trend, showing the charm of personality.




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