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Daily Maintenance Tips of Digital Printers

Release Time:2023-10-09


How much do you know about the daily maintenance of digital printers? Whether you have not spent time on system maintenance since you bought the machine. How to really play its value, just a daily maintenance work is essential.


Encoder strip: Observe whether there is dust and stains on the encoder strip. If cleaning is required, it is recommended to wipe it with a white cloth dipped in alcohol. The cleanliness and position changes of the grating will affect the movement of the ink carriage and the printing effect.


Ink cap: keep it clean at all times, because the ink stack cap is an accessory that directly contacts the print head.


Damper: If the machine is used for a long time, check whether the damper is leakage.


Wipper of ink station: The ink stack cleaning unit is kept clean, and the scraper is kept clean and undamaged to avoid affecting the ink scraping effect.


Ink cartridges and ink barrels: Clean the ink cartridges and waste ink barrels regularly. After long-term use, the ink remaining at the bottom of the ink cartridges and waste ink barrels may agglomerate, resulting in poor ink flow. It is necessary to clean the ink cartridges and waste ink barrels regularly.


Voltage regulator: It is recommended that each machine be equipped with a voltage regulator (only for printers, except for drying), not less than 3000W.


Ink: Ensure sufficient ink in the ink cartridge to avoid nozzle emptying, causing damage and blockage of the nozzle.


Nozzle: Regularly check whether there is any accumulation of debris on the mirror surface of the nozzle and clean it up. You can move the trolley to the cleaning position, and use a cotton swab dipped in cleaning solution to clean the ink residue around the nozzle, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.


Transmission part: Apply grease to the transmission part, and regularly add grease to the meshing position of the gears, such as the air shaft gear for feeding and unwinding, the guide rail slider, and the ink stack lifting mechanism. (It is recommended to add a proper amount of grease to the long belt of the horizontal trolley motor, which can effectively reduce noise.)


Circuit inspection: Check whether the power cord and socket are aging.


Working environment requirements: There is no dust in the room, so as to avoid the influence of dust on the layers of printing materials and ink consumables.


Environmental requirements:

1. The room should be dust-proof, and it cannot be placed in an environment prone to smoke and dust, and the ground should be kept clean.

2. Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment. Generally, the temperature is 18°C-30°C and the humidity is 35%-65%.

3. No objects, especially liquids, can be placed on the surface of the machine.

4. The position of the machine should be flat, and it must be flat when loading materials, otherwise the long printing screen will deviate.

5. There should be no commonly used household appliances near the machine, and keep away from large magnetic fields and electric fields.

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