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Release Time:2023-06-20

Unknowingly, 2023 Shanghai APPP EXPO has entered the wonderful third day. Friends from all over the country poured into the scene, pushing this grand event to a new high point. Follow us to see it live!





At this exhibition

What mysterious "big move" did AGP show?

What are the most unmissable products and solutions?

Next, this will take you to find out!



AGP mainly exhibited TEXTEK DTF printer series and AGP UV DTF printer series this time.

At the exhibition site, you can experience the mechanical beauty of TEXTEK DTF-A604DTF-A603, and DTF-A30 three hot-selling models.

You can also experience the highlights and advantages of AGP UV-F30 and UV-F604 UV DTF printers on site.



AGP was invited to participate in the exhibition and carefully prepared booths and activities, which brought freshness and vitality to the venue and attracted a large number of customers to stop and consult.





The business team has always been enthusiastic and patiently explained to every visiting customer, which is well received!





AGP brought its star products to the 30th APPP EXPO in Shanghai, presenting a unique feast of inkjet printers to the guests who came to the exhibition. Through this exhibition, we will show you the company's strength and product quality in a more comprehensive way, and let more customers around the world know about our AGP.



If you haven't arrived yet, hurry up~

There are still two days left in the exhibition, and the excitement is still going on!

June 18-21

International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Hall 7.2-B1486

Looking forward to your visit!


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