D300 DTF Printer Powder Shaker
30cm DTF Printer Powder Shaker Machine
D300 DTF Printer Powder Shaker
30cm DTF Printer Powder Shaker Machine

Powder Shaker Machine D300

Auto Powder Return Shaker Machine D300
Small size,lower shipping cost Auto powder-recycling system Two Groups automatic correction devices Three independent heating zones Dual-motor take-up system
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Powder Shaker Machine Introduction
With the popularity of DTF Printer shaking powder machine will enter the line of sight together, simply put is an automatic hot melt powder machine, originally can be manually shaking powder and then heating, but with this shaking powder machine can automatically sprinkle powder, shaking powder, heating, drying, one-stop printing ironing finished products, improve the efficiency.
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Auto Powder Shaker Machine Introduction
30cm Powder Shaker Machine Introduction
D300 Powder Shaker Machine Introduction
Powder Shaker Machine
Powder Shaker Machine Parameter
After the pattern is printed by the DTF Printer, the powder shaking machine is used to evenly shake the hot melt powder on the white ink part, and then heat and dry, and the finished hollow heat transfer can be printed directly. And it can be customized one by one, so it is very suitable for personalized heat transfer clothing customization.
Auto Powder Shaker Machine Parameter
Powder Shaker Machine
Model Powder Shaker Machine D300
Print Width 300mm
Media Hot Melt Powder and PET Film
Power Information Rated Voltage:220V 5A
Heating Tube Size 400mm
Number Of Heating Tubes 3
Single Maximum Power 800W
Package 790*610*710mm/50KG
Powder Shaker Machine Features
Powder shaking machine usually together with our 30cm DTF printer, it can keep continous automatic dusting powder and curing the PET film during printing.
Cooling Fan Switch
Cooling Fan Switch
After drying the film, it is quickly cooled so that the pattern can be quickly solidified.
3 heating zones
3 heating zones
Front, top and rear three-stage heating system with independent control knobs, which are convenient to adjust separately and adapt to different printing environments.
Humanized Settings
Humanized Settings
DTF powder shaker adopts emergency stop switch, dust cover, hidden maintenance door and other humanized settings to ensure user’s safety.
Auto powder-recycling device
Auto powder-recycling device
Powder recycling, more cost saving.
Film feeding introduction
Film feeding introduction
Conductive belt conveying makes the film heating more evenly, heating and curing, and drying the pattern.
High Quality Accessories
High Quality Accessories
Using high-quality accessories, such as motors, cooling fans, gas springs, etc., is more practical and has a long service life.
What Can We Do with DTF Printers
Creativity At Your Fingertips
DTF printers can print on light and black fabrics, are not limited by fabrics and colors, especially suitable for DIY printing. Suitable for leather, bags, shoes, hats, garments, socks, masks, gloves, umbrellas, plush toys, knitted underwear, swimwear and other textile and textile crafts.
Technical Support
Technical Support
Through cooperation with world famous print head manufacturers and software suppliers, we integrate sophisticated and practical technology into our fabric printers.
Provide one-year warranty for the machine
Provide a detailed installation tutorial for the machine
Provide guidance documents for solving common problems of DTF printers
Provide online remote guidance
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We provide one-stop service, including DTF printer, shaker machine, UV DTF printer, DTF ink, PET film, powder, etc.
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Auto Powder Return Shaker Machine H650 Pro
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Small size,lower shipping cost
Auto powder-recycling system
3-stage independent heating
Automatic powder return
Application:Efficient Smoke Removal
Power:200W 50HZ
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