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First day at FESPA Munich! ! !

Release Time:2023-05-24

On the first day of the FESPA Munich exhibition, the scene was very lively! ! !
The unique appearance and black and red logo of AGP small size A3 dtf printer and  A3 UV dtf printer have attracted many friends to visit! ! !

At this exhibition, AGP exhibited A3 DTF Printer, A3 UV DTF Printer, and the white and exquisite appearance of AGP products won the favor and recognition of many friends!

The exhibition visitors are incessant, friends from all over the printer industry gathered in Munich,AGP will be at the exhibition for the next two days and will always provide the best service to our friends!

Our 60cm DTF printer adopts Epson original print head and Hoson board, which can support 2/3/4 head configuration at present, with high printing accuracy, and the printed clothes patterns are washable. The new powder shaker independently developed by us can realize automatic powder recovery, save labor costs, facilitate use and improve work efficiency.

Our  30cm DTF printing machine, stylish and simple in appearance, stable and sturdy frame, with 2 Epson XP600 nozzles, color and white output, you can also choose to add two fluorescent inks, bright colors, high precision, guaranteed printing quality, powerful functions, Small footprint, one-stop service of printing, powder shaking and pressing, low cost and high return.

Our A3 UV DTF Printer is equipped with 2*EPSON F1080 print heads, the printing speed reaches 8PASS 1㎡/hour, the printing width reaches 30cm (12 inches), and supports CMYK+W+V. Using Taiwan HIWIN silver guide rail, it is the first choice for small businesses. The investment cost is low and the machine is stable. It can print cups, pens, U disks, mobile phone cases, toys, buttons, bottle caps, etc. It supports different materials and has a wide range of applications.

We have our own factories and mature production lines, and we are looking for agents all over the world. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us!

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